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 Jurate   2016-07-14 19:53:52 

Hello Marti,
I'm so glad I finally saw your works- so powerful! Please put me on your mailing list for upcoming shows.
 Pauline   2013-11-09 20:51:24 

Hi I met you at the open studios today at Hunter's point and you told me to write to you and you would let me know when you have sales of your work.   Thanks

 Ann   2013-04-03 22:52:09 

What beautiful work!  I saw it for the first time today at the SPCA.
I look forward to choosing a piece for my home.

 Diane Torres   2012-10-23 17:25:40 

Just stopped by to stroll through your works.  Since I can't be there physically I am taking the virtual tour.  I can see a lot of feeling in your work, glad you are where you are today.  Keep up the great work, it only gets better with age, just like us!
 Adele Prandini   2012-09-30 10:01:52 

Hey Marti,

Great work. Let me know of upcoming shows.

all the best,

 Madeline Cooney Streeter   2011-11-09 18:52:23 


Impressed with your works.  Missed all your exhibits but will keep my eye out for the next one.

Put me on your mailing list to be notified of upcoming shows.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christ-mass.

Hope to see you soon.
 Renee Finney   2011-11-09 11:03:14 

Awesome art!  I did not know you were artistic.  You have to come out and do some freeform felting at the farm...very cool scarves result in short periods of time invested.  Lots of fun.

Great work Marti,
 Paul Vanderplow   2010-12-31 14:58:05 

Unbelievable work Marti.  Its obvious you have kept your high work ethic in "retirement".  
 Randy Figures   2010-09-12 13:01:58 

Great website Marti!  Looking forward to seeing the work in person.  Thanks for being an excellent liaison!

Yours truly,
Randy Figures
 michele mckee miller   2009-10-19 15:18:00 

All your work is beautiful and gives me such inspiration.   We have many hanging in our home.

I am proud to be your niece!
 Sharon, Linda & Mary   2009-08-26 19:44:40 

We are looking at your portfolio and you need more things to look at--the animals are great.  More of those. We see that you sold the lion.  
 Diane   2009-07-26 08:53:10 

just checking you out.  You do some awesome work!  See ya next trip you have to Vegas or me to SF.  Keep up the great work.  Put three women on a T shirt and I'll buy that.
 Katie Castaneda   2008-07-21 20:00:09 

I just adore "Moving". It is absolutely breathtaking. My mom loved meeting with you last week. Thanks for all of your help with getting her involved in the SF art world. I know she'll be a great addition!
 Diane   2007-07-01 12:50:15 

I love the winter tree.  Your work is very, very good.
 Diane   2007-07-01 12:45:16 

Your work is very unique.  I look forward to seeing it in person someday.  Glad we met.  My best to you on pursuing your dream.
I am so happy you can be full time, nothing to block your creativity.
 Deborah Nichols Kearns   2007-06-28 08:26:43 

Dear Marti, Your  work is gorgeous--somehow both spare and lush.  I love "balance" and "grace," that haunting giraffe, and "winter tree."  Keep working!  Deborah Nichols Kearns  
 nuclear tennis   2004-05-05 16:27:40 

"ideas" is a sublimely thrilling piece of matter,,just love it! jean

 Holly Calica   2002-12-09 22:50:28 

Great work! My mother loves your work too! Put me on your mailing list & please keep me posted about any shows!
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